Whether in Shaolin or Wudang, our students not only practice martial arts, they also follow a school curriculum because it is important to work the body and the mind.

Chinese martial arts are known for their physical, mental and spiritual benefits. However, they can also help improve academic performance. Indeed, the practice of Chinese martial arts helps our students develop skills such as concentration, memory, problem solving and perseverance which are all essential for success !

Concentration is one of the most important skills for success in studies, internal styles such as Tai ji quan, Qigong… can help develop our ability to concentrate by learning to focus on our breathing, our movements and our thoughts.

Memory is also an important aspect. Chinese martial arts, especially forms (Taolu) can help improve our memory by learning movements and techniques by heart. Regular practice can therefore help us improve our ability to retain information, such as historical dates, mathematical formulas and definitions.

Problem solving is also a necessary skill for success in school. The practice of combat can help its development by teaching us to think quickly and make decisions under stress. So we can improve our ability to solve problems like math puzzles and science questions.

Finally, perseverance is an essential skill. Chinese martial arts can help develop this skill by learning to persevere despite challenges and obstacles. Regular practice of our art requires discipline and perseverance to master the movements and techniques. This perseverance can be transferred to studies helping us to keep working hard to achieve all our goals !

It is also important to point out that the practice of Chinese martial arts can help improve self-esteem and self-confidence, two important factors for good success. This allows practitioners to feel more confident in their body and mind, which can help them feel more confident in any situation, and also in an academic situation.