Frequently Asked Questions

There is no level required for training. Whether you are a beginner, confirmed or even you have never practiced Martial Arts, we work together to make you fit. In addition, masters will also adapt.

We want everyone to progress at their own pace, which is why we do not offer a fixed program. If you want to practice gradually by increasing over weeks, it is possible. We can define together the daily training time you want. If there are times when you do not feel like taking part in the course, you simply have to inform the teacher.
We do not offer date, you can come whenever you want. Generally in December and January the schools close for holidays.
In winter it can be very cold, the workouts are lighter. The best periods are from mid-March to mid-November

Registration fees include administrative registration at the chosen school, carrying letters of invitation, access to all the complementary teachings of the school, access to school with preferential prices,telephone support.

Once the registration fee has been paid, your place will be reserved and we start all the administrative procedures.

With the invitation letter we have provided and the visa application form you have previously collected at the Embassy, you will only have to go to the nearest Chinese embassy to finalize your request. You can also go through an agency specializing in visa applications.
The application is to start three months before your departure.

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