Internship / Teaching: Build your project together

With more than 10 years of exchanges with China, we have seen that everyone coming to China has different expectations and goals. Some seek perfection, others an initiation or a simple fitness … The schools are also very different, some will be more likely to offer authentic teaching, others more oriented to the high level and competition , others more powerful in a particular style …

That’s why we knew how to surround ourselves with the best. We collaborate with various institutes to offer you a wide choice of teaching while guaranteeing a quality education in each of the fields.

We offer courses adapted to everyone.

  • For individuals, it is more difficult to obtain a fully customized program especially during peak periods.We will ensure that you can integrate classes that meet your expectations, and communicate to the school what you want to study.
  • For groups or associations, it is possible to follow a personalized program that we have previously defined together, it will still be possible to change once on site.

Our Schools


Study in the authentic Wudang school


Study in our school located in the National Park of the authentic Shaolin Temple

We communicate directly with the schools so you can follow the lessons you want.However, we do not manage the schools, so they can modify the program according to the available teachers, strong affluences, bad weather …


Dengfeng Warrior Monks Academy

Administrative Procedures: Visa and Prices

We take care of administrative procedures on Chinese soil related to obtaining your visa such as invitation letters or JW forms for long-term visas. All you have to do is go to the Chinese Embassy in France with these papers to get your visa.

For each school, you will be asked 189 euros registration fee per person to begin the process and benefit from our services. Possibility of group rate, contact us. For prices for accommodation and school training, please consult the rates pages:

 Shaolin | Wudang | Dengfeng

  • Our responsibility is to accompany you in the realization of your project. However, we are only putting in relation.

  • Wudang Shaolin Dream can not be held responsible for any risks that may be incurred.

  • We are not a travel agency, airline tickets, visas and any transport are not included in our services.

Translators / guides

All teaching is done in Chinese, which ensuring authentic teaching and total immersion.It is also a great way to learn or perfect your Chinese.
However if you wish, we offer an additional service that allows you to hire one of our translators (within the limits of our  available translators)
They will be able to follow you during the courses and also during trips in town.
Contact us to receive a quote.

Demonstrations, seminars and courses

In addition to allowing you to study in China, we offer the opportunity to bring  Chinese experts and masters in Europe.
If you are an association or a school that would organize events alongside Chinese experts, contact us and we can plan together their coming

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