The shaolin Warrior Monks Training Base Academy  was founded by Master Shi Yan Lu. He is Shaolin monk since 1986 and master instructor of Shaolin warrior monks since 1997.
His academy is one of the most popular in China.
Today it welcomes more than 18,000 students from all over China.
The Academy is considered one of the best Shaolin, it also forms the monks involved in the big show of Shaolin “Zen Shaolin music ritual”

Several of its former students have been able to join major sports universities, competition teams and some have even become movie stars in china.


Trainings are taught by monks, coaches or teachers recognized.
Trainings and courses are done within the academy outside or inside.

A typical day in summer:

  •  5h30 – 7h :   first class
  •  7h :  breakfast
  •  8h30 – 11h/11h30 :  2nd class
  •  11h30 :  lunch
  •  15h30 – 17h30:  3rd class
  •  17h30/18h :  dinner
  •  19h – 20h : 4th class

This is just one example of the day, times may vary according to the seasons and the selected classes and lessons.

The rest of the time you have free time and can go about your own business or take the opportunity to revise.

Saturday and Sunday are days off. (There may be some weeks there has classes on Saturday)

The courses are open to all levels, whether you are beginners or experienced masters will ensure to best adapt their teachings

Everyone is different and everyone does not have the physical ability to train as much, that’s why we offer everyone to plan their stay with us so you can fully enjoy your experience. We invite you to check our services for more information.



Each student of the academy will have access to all of the academy’s facilities such as a football field, a gym, basketball court, ping pong …


The shaolin Warrior Monks Traing Base Academy offers various lessons.
Here is a list of lessons:

Study basic and advanced traditional forms with bare hands and  weapons

These forms are optimized for the demonstration, they are characterized by their acrobatic difficulties. It contains most imitative forms including animals (tiger, snake, dragon …) as well as shaolin weapons.

Study or perfect forms with bare hands and competition weapons approved by the Chinese federations. There are Shaolin forms of competition as well as the forms Chang quan and Nan quan.

Study and perfect the comparative form of Chinese boxing.

Study Chinese

This list is not exhaustive, it regroups the main teachings but other forms are also studied.
Contact us for more information


You will stay in the Academys hostel.

You will stay in a double room (possibility of single room following availability but this will generate additional cost)

Each room will be equipped with :

  • 2 beds
  • 2 closet
  • Television
  • air-conditioner
  • Chairs and desk
  • A bathroom (toilet and shower)


The academy provides 3 meals a day (morning, noon and evening)

Meals will be taken in the hostel restaurant, they will consist of traditional Chinese dishes (soups, vegetables, tofu, egg, rice, noodles …)

Academy Fee

We are partner with the Shaolin warrior Monks Training Base Academy, so the Fee are preferential
Academy Fee include full board accommodation (3 meals per day + hotel accommodation in the Academy) as well as trainings and classes.

Payment will be made directly to the academy, we will send you all details by mail once the registration fee has been paid.

  • Registration fees are not deducted from school fees

Per day Per month Per year
300 yuans per people 7000 yuans per people 46800 yuans per people

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