Our school :

In 2018, Wudang Shaolin Dream opened its own Chinese martial arts school directly in Shaolin a hundred meters from the Shaolin Temple in Shaolin village in the mountains away from the tourist area.

This allows everyone to enjoy the setting, the traditional aspect of Shaolin, calm … without having to face the tourist side that represents the temple of Shaolin. So we can take advantage of the good Shaolin combined with the good of being a school by offering many courses.

By this means, we propose all new types of training that is traditional, competitions-oriented … or new training methods that combine Western science / education with Chinese tradition / expertise.

If you want to know more about our school, I invite you to visit the launch page of our school: Our own school in shaolin

History :

Shaolin is considered as the birthplace of Chinese Martial Arts.

The Shaolin Temple was built around 495 by Emperor Xiao Wen under the Dynasty Wei (4th to 6th century) in honor of the monk Tuo bao.
It is only thirty years later that the Indian monk Bodhidharma (damo 達摩) came to the temple to preach the teaching of Buddhism chan, he also taught them various martial exercises to enable them to strengthen their bodies and To defend themselves against animals and looters.
Over the years, this has resulted in an effective and complete combat art.
Today Shaolin Temple and its surroundings have become a national park, some schools are allowed to train inside the park.


Trainings are taught by monks, coaches or teachers recognized.
Trainings and lessons take place in Shaolin National Park, either in the mountains or in the small village and its surroundings a few meters from the temple

A typical day in summer:

  •  5h30 – 7h :   first class
  •  7h :  breakfast
  •  8h30 – 11h/11h30 :  2nd class
  •  11h30 :  lunch
  •  15h30 – 17h30:  3rd class
  •  17h30/18h :  dinner
  •  19h – 20h : 4th class

This is just one example of the day, times may vary according to the seasons and the selected classes and lessons.

The rest of the time you have free time and can go about your own business or take the opportunity to revise.

Saturday and Sunday are days off. (There may be some weeks there has classes on Saturday)

The courses are open to all levels, whether you are beginners or experienced masters will ensure to best adapt their teachings

Everyone is different and everyone does not have the physical ability to train as much, that’s why we offer everyone to plan their stay with us so you can fully enjoy your experience. We invite you to check our services for more information.


Each student of the school will have access to the entire national Shaolin park, during your time off so you can enjoy to discover the site. (Beware though, if you want to take the cable cars, buses … they will be at your expense, Shaolin Temple will also seek input costs to be visited)
Hikes can also be arranged by the school.


The Shaolin school offers different courses.
Here is a list of courses:

Study of traditional basic and advanced forms bare hands and with weapon

Study of basic and advanced demonstrative forms bare hand and with weapon

Study of basic and advanced forms of competition bare hands and with weapons

Study of different modern forms aimed at competition such as the Chang Quan / Nan Quan / Jianshu….

Introduce yourself and perfect yourself in Chinese sports boxing.

Study the main forms of tai ji taught in Shaolin but also the shen and yang styles.

Study of modern Tai Ji Quan shapes oriented towards competition in many styles. We also have great experts in Tai Ji quan competition modern Chen style

Learning hard Qi Gong and its applications in breakages / muscular reinforcements…

Study of Qi Gong movements related to health and the arts of health prevention such as Ba dua Jin, Qi Qong of 5 animals …

Study the art of Chinese calligraphy

Chinese traditional ceremony of tea, the different virtues related to tea …

Learning the game of Go, the different strategies …

Learn to understand and use Chinese martial arts

We group all the teachings that can be related to Chinese culture such as Chinese philosophy / theory of 5 elements …

We offer brief introductions to Chinese medicine, mainly plant medicine, preventive medicine related to Chinese martial arts, theoretical medicine “Yi Jing” and massage Tuina

Within the limit of available teachers, it is possible to study Chinese

This list is not exhaustive, it regroups the main teachings but other forms are also studied.
Contact us for more information


You will stay in the school located in the Shaolin village, a few hundred meters from the temple.

You will be accommodated in a room for 4 to 6 people ( possibility of single or double room at the Hotel following availability but this will incur additional costs and it will be necessary to inform us several months in advance )

Each room will be equipped with:

  • 4-6 beds
  • Bathroom (toilet and shower)
  • Wifi
  • Desk, chair and small closet


The school provides 3 meals a day (morning, noon and evening)

Meals will be taken in the school, they will consist of traditional Chinese dishes (soups, vegetables, tofu, egg, rice, noodles …)

School fees

We own the Shaolin School, so we can offer you very good rates
School fees include full board accommodation (3 meals a day + accommodation in the school) as well as all trainings and classes.

Payment will be made directly to the school, we will send you all details by mail once the registration fee has been paid.

  • Registration fees are not deducted from school fees

Per day Per month Per year
400 yuans per people 8000 yuans per people 56800 yuans per people

For more pictures about Shaolin we invite you to visit our gallery

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