Our Mission

Wudang Shaolin Dream aims to promote Martial Art and Chinese culture. Despite the opening of China it is rather difficult to find a good school and not to fall into the many traps, difficulties that one can meet when coming to China.

With more than 10 years of exchanges with China, we will advise you to integrate the training that best meets your expectations
Wudang Shaolin Dream collaborates only with certified schools and training centers as well as the taoist association.

In addition to enabling you to come and study in China, we also look for schools or associations to conduct seminars, courses, demonstrations .. and welcome the monks of Wudang and Chinese masters in Europe

I am a martial arts enthusiast since I was a very young child. I practiced and taught Chinese Martial Arts in France for many years, which allowed me to exchange with China and get there through internships and organized trips. After several trips, these trips did not suit me anymore they no longer met my expectations. So I decided to leave everything to go on my own in China and settle there. I joined in 2015 the Shaolin Temple warrior monks training base. Today I am competition and demonstration team members at Shaolin, I’m perfectly integrated and considered as a Chinese, I was able to constitute me a very important network in china...During my training, I also exchanged extensively with Wudang, which allowed me to go there several times and meet the monks, at the end of 2016 I was named cultural exchange consultant of Wudang Mountains Taoist Association Research Institute. Aware of my luck, I help several of my former students or friends to go to China.

Looking back I realize that all this would never have been possible if I had not spoken fluently Chinese and if I had not had many Chinese friends when I arrived. And even with that, I have faced many other problems and difficulties related mainly to the difference in culture and Western stereotypes

But I was not the one to complain, I was able to meet many other martial arts enthusiasts who came to China extremely disappointed by their stay. Some had encountered enormous difficulties in contacting and getting the attention of schools despite many emails, some had joined a school that offered them a dream but once there, it was far from reality. Others have joined special schools for foreigners but the training is often disappointing and turned towards the business … And even the good schools have their weak point, often they propose a single type of training that does not meet expectations of everyone.

It is so that everyone can realize a project that meets his expectations that I created Wudang Shaolin Dream, while offering them the possibility to come serenely in china”

Florian • Founder of Wudang Shaolin Dream and Wudang Cultural Exchange Consultant

Our Team

Florian 福禄

Founder of Wudang Shaolin Dream and cultural exchange consultant in Wudang

Li Guang Fu 李光富

Leader of the Wudang Monks and chairman of the CTA Chinese Taoist Association

Shi Yan lu 释 延 虏

Shaolin Warrior Monk heads-instructor and Head of the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks Training Base

Qing Yi 青衣

Master of the 15th generation of Wudang . Expert in Martial Art but also in traditional Chinese tea and music

Chen Rui 晨锐

Disciple of Shaolin and Master of the 15th generation of wudang . Expert in Bagua,  Xing yi,  tai ji,  jianshu, Wudang gongfu …

Shi Heng Ye 释恒叶

Monk of Shaolin and several times champion of China, Expert in kung-fu shaolin, tai ji and Wushu Sportif. He trained several of the members of the current China team

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